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Army Institutional Lessons Study

The Army Institutional Lessons study will identify and analyse significant institutional lessons from the past 15 years of operations and embed them into Army.

In early March 2014, the Chief of Army’s Senior Advisory Committee (CASAC) directed the Head of Modernisation and Strategic Planning – Army (HMSP-A) to undertake a significant study of Army’s institutional lessons of the past 15 years. The study will be supported by all areas of Army and will incorporate an extensive review of Army’s performance from external organisations. Army’s ability to identify tactical and operational lessons and make changes in response is robust, largely due to the dedicated work of organisations such as the Adaptive Warfare Branch, Centre for Army Lessons and the Combat Training Centre. But what about those longer terms lessons at the institutional level that affect all of Army? Learning from operational experience and encoding in the force the key elements of those lessons is a core function for any professional military organisation. For Army, lessons will inform modernisation initiatives through The Army Plan Review Cycle (TAPRC) and support a robust and agile approach to preparing and adapting in the future, particularly during periods of sustained operations. 

Army is seeking a range of observations regarding its performance since 1999 as part of the Army Institutional Lessons Study. Directed by the Chief of Army, the Lessons Study will collect observations from those serving in Army, those who have retired and those outside Army who have worked with the organisation to identify how effective Army has been in raising, training and sustaining land forces and how Army interacts with non – Army organisations to retain broad utility for future operations. The study’s focus is an examination of Army’s structure, processes, policies and decisions. The Lessons Study will use surveys, working groups, academic research and a thorough review of major initiatives of the past 15 years. 

The Directorate of Force Development – Army is seeking contributions to the study from the widest possible audience including serving and retired military personnel, interested members of the public and academics. The Army Institutional Lessons Study will report back to the Chief of Army’s Senior Advisory Committee in December, and will implement standing arrangements for the continued capture of institutional lessons. 

To participate in the Army Institutional Lessons Study emailArmyInstitutional.LessonsStudy [at]  

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7 September 2016
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