Australian Army emblems

Australian Army emblems

The Australian Army has many iconic and recognisable emblems that are protected by legislation. These emblems include the Rising Sun badge, as well as corps and unit emblems. To ensure Army is not brought into disrepute use of Australian Army emblems is managed by the Army Brand Manager.

Why we protect Australian Army emblems

We protect Australian Army emblems because they represent the Australian Army’s history, tradition, values and people, both past and present. Misuse of Australian Army emblems can lessen their significance and be offensive to current and ex-serving members.

All Australian Army emblems are protected by section 83 of the Defence Act 1903 (Cwlth). The Rising Sun badge and all corps emblems are also registered trade marks under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cwlth). Using an emblem without permission from the Minister for Defence is a breach of the legislation.

Using Australian Army emblems

The most common circumstance where the public may wish to use an Australian Army emblem is for commemorative or ceremonial purposes, for example, to commemorate Anzac Day.

If you wish to use an Australian Army emblem, approval must be granted by the Army Brand Manager before use. Each application to use an Australian Army emblem is assessed on a case-by-case basis. No blanket or continuous approvals are granted.

Alternatives to using Australian Army emblems

To acknowledge the service of Army you don’t need to use an Australian Army emblem.

As an alternative to using an Australian Army emblem you may wish to use symbolic imagery such as a poppy, rosemary, slouch hat or soldier resting on reversed arms alongside words ‘lest we forget’ or ‘we will remember them’. These images and words are not protected by legislation and do not require permission form the Minister for Defence for use.

Misusing Australian Army emblems

Intentional or not, misuse of Australian Army emblems is common.

A misuse can be a reproduction of the emblem without permission, a design that incorporates elements of, or stylises, an emblem, or using an emblem in association with products, activities or brands that are not aligned with Army’s values.

If you see what you suspect to be a misuse of an Australian Army emblem, please email the Army Brand Manager at

How to apply for permission to use an Australian Army emblem

To apply for permission to use an Australian Army emblem, first read the guidelines, then complete an application detailing the nature of use. Once the application has been submitted, please allow approximately four weeks for processing.

As part of the application you must include a visual representation of the intended use as well as any other logos or words that are to appear alongside the emblem. Please give thought to how you intend to use an emblem. The Australian Army does not allow its emblems to be modified, cropped or altered in any way, used in part or overlaid with imagery or text, used as a watermark (reduced opacity) or background image, or used as a part of a new logo. You should also consider including other Service emblems to appropriately recognise the contribution of Navy, Air Force or Australian Defence Force.

For additional information please email the Army Brand Manager at