Australian Army History Collection

Australian Army History Collection

Artillery at Anzac. By Chris Roberts and Paul Stevens (2021)

William Holmes: The Soldiers General. By Geoffrey Travers (2020)

 VD: The Australian Army's Experience of Sexually Transmitted Diseases During the Twentieth Century. By Ian Howie-Willis (2020)

Clash of the Gods of War: Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War. Edited by William Westerman and Nick Floyd (2020)

The Catastrophe of 8 August 1918. By Thilo von Bose. Translated by David Pearson, Paul Thost and Tony Cowan (2019)

Shadows on the Track: Australia's Medical War in Papua 1942-1943 - Kokoda - Milne Bay - The Beachhead Battles. By Jan McLeod (2019)

Purple Patch: History of the 3rd Field Company Engineers in World War One. By Darren Prickett (2019)

The Unit Guide: The Australian Army 1939-1945. Six Volume Set. By Graham McKenzie-Smith (2018)

Preserving Our Proud Heritage: the Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army. By Les Terrett & Stephen Taubert (2018)

Monash: As Military Commander. By Peter Pedersen (2018)

Highlands to Deserts: The History of 19th Chief Engineer Works. By Michael Tyquin (2018)

Anzac Cove to Afghanistan: The history of the 3rd Brigade. By Glenn Wahlert (2018)

Training for War: The history of Headquarters 1st Division 1914-2014. By Michael Tyquin (2017)

The Lightning Keepers: The AIF's Alphabet Company in the Great War. By Damien Finlayson (2017)

Sword and Baton Volume 1: Federation – 1939. Senior Australian Army Officers from Federation to 2001. By Justin Chadwick (2017)

Sword & Baton: Senior Australian Army Officers from Federation to 2001.  Volume One: 1900 to 1939. By Justin Chadwick (2017)

Soldier Uniforms of the Australian Army and the Soldiers who Wore Them. By Phil Rutherford (2017)

Rounds Complete: an Artillery Forward Observer in Vietnam. By Steve Gower (2017)

Pioneers in Australian Armour. By David A Finlayson and Michael K Cecil (2017)

Lessons Learned: the Australian Military and Tropical Medicine. By Geoffrey Grant Quail (2017)

Bully beef and Balderdash Volume II: More Myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked. By Graham Wilson (2017)

At Any Price: the Anzacs in the Battle of Messines 1917. By Craig Deayton (2017)

The Man Who Carried the Nation’s Grief: James Malcolm Lean MBE and the Great War Letters. By Carol Rosenhain (2016)

The High Life of Oswald Watt: Australia’s First Military Pilot. By Chris Clark (2016)

Snowy to the Somme: A Muddy and Bloody Campaign, 1916-1918. By Tim Cook (2016)

Phantoms of Bribie: the jungles of Vietnam to corporate life and everything in between. By Ian Mackay (2016)

Captains of the Soul: a history of Australian Army chaplains. By Michael Gladwin (2016)

Canister! On! Fire! Australian Tank Operations in Vietnam. By Bruce Cameron (2016)

An Unending War: the Australian Army’s struggle against malaria, 1885-2015. By Ian Howie-Willis, (2016)

Allenby’s Gunners: Artillery in the Sinai & Palestine Campaigns 1916-1918. By Alan H Smith (2016)

Accommodating the King’s Hard Bargain: Military Detention in the Australian Army, 1914-1947. By Graham Wilson (2016)

A Greater Sum of Sorrow: the Battles of Bullecourt. By David Coombes (2016)

Fire Support Bases Vietnam: Australian and Allied Fire Support Base Locations and Main Support Units. By Bruce Picken (2016)

Willingly Into the Fray: One Hundred Years of Australian Army Nursing. By Catherine McCullagh (2016)

The Grand Deception: Churchill and the Dardanelles. By Tom Curran (2015)

Stepping into a Minefield: a life dedicated to landmine clearance around the world. By Ian Mansfield (2015)

Pioneers of Australian Armour In the Great War. By David A. Finlayson, Michael K. Cecil (2015)

Justice in Arms: Military Lawyers in the Australian Army's First Hundred Years. By Australian Army Legal Corps (2014)

Death by Mustard Gas: how Military Secrecy and Lost Weapons can Kill. By Geoff Plunkett (2014)

Combat Colonels of the AIF in the Great War. By David Clare Holloway (2014)

The Backroom Boys: Alfred Conlon and Army’s Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs, 1942-46. By Graeme Sligo (2013)

Chemical Warfare in Australia. By Geoff Plunkett (2013)

Toowoomba to Torokina: the 25th Battalion 1919-1945. By Bob Doneley (2012)

Lethality in Combat: A Study of the True Nature of Battle. By Tom Lewis (2012)

Fire Support Bases in Vietnam: Australian and Allied Fire Support Base Locations and Main Support Units. By Bruce Picken (2012)

Dust, Donkeys and Delusions: The Myth of Simpson and his Donkey Exposed. By Graham Wilson (2012)

Bully beef and Balderdash: Some Myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked. By Graham Wilson (2012)

Beaten Down by Blood: The Battle of Mont St Quentin-Peronne 1918. By Michele Bomford (2012)

A Medical Emergency: Major-General 'Ginger' Burston and the Army Medical Service in World War II. By Ian Howie-Willis (2012)

Training the Bodes: Australian Army Advisers Training Cambodian Infantry Battalions - A Postscript to the Vietnam War. By Terry Smith (2011)

The Last Knight: A Biography of Genera Sir Phillip Bennett AC, KBE, DSO. By Robert Lowry (2011)

Sir William Glasgow: Soldier, Senator and Diplomat. By Peter Edgar (2011)

More Than Bombs and Bandages: Australian Army Nurses at Work in World War I. By Kirsty Harris (2011)

Letters from Timor: A Chaplain’s Tour of Duty. By Graeme Ramsden (2011)

I Confess: A Memoir of the Siege of Tobruk. By Joseph J. Murray (2011)

Forgotten Men: The Australian Army Veterinary Corps 1909-1946. By Michael Tyquin (2011)

Fallen Sentinel: Australian Tanks in World War II. By Peter Beale (2011)

Do Unto Others: Counter-Bombardment in Australia's Military Campaigns. By Alan H Smith (2011)

Crossing the Wire: The Untold Stories of Australian POWs in Battle and Captivity during WWI. By David Coombes (2011)

Battle Scarred: The 47th Battalion in the First World War. By Craig Deayton (2011)

Willingly Into the Frey: One Hundred Years of Australian Army Nursing. By Catherine McCullagh (2010)

Crumps and Camouflets: Australian Tunnelling Companies on the Western Front. By Damien Finlayson (2010)

Beyond Adversity: ‘U’ Company, 15th Battalion 1941-1942. By William Park (2010)

The Name's Still Charlie: A Biography of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Green DSO. By Olwyn Green (2010)

To Pierce the Tyrant's Heart: A Military History of the Battle for the Eureka Stockade : 3 December 1854. By Gregory Blake (2009)

The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70. Edited by M. R. Battle (2009)

Chauvel of the Light Horse: A Biography of General Sir Harry Chauvel, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. By Alec Jeffrey Hill (2009)

A Most Unusual Regiment: A History of the Melbourne University Regiment. By M. J. Ryan (2008)

Between Victor and Vanquished: An Australian Interrogator in the War Against Japan. By Arthur Page (2008)

Country Victoria's Own: 150 Years of 8/7 RVR and Its Predecessors. By Neil Leckie (2008)

Surgeon and General: A life of Major-General Rupert Downes, 1885-1945. By Ian Howie-Wills (2008)

Doves Over the Pacific: In Pursuit of Peace and Stability in Bougainville. By Reuben R. E. Bowd (2007)

The Lionheart: A Life of Lieutenant-General Sir Talbot Hobbs. By David Coombes (2007)

Battlefield Korea: The Korean Battle Honours of the Royal Australian Regiment, 1950-1953. By Maurice Bertram Pears (2007)

The Battle of Anzac Ridge: 25 April 1915. By Peter D. Williams (2007)

To Villers-Bretonneux with Brigadier-General William Glasgow DSO and the 13th Australian Infantry Brigade. By Peter Edgar (2006)

Madness and the Military: Australia's Experience of the Great War. By Michael Tyquin (2006)

Persian Expedition: The Australians in Dunsterforce, 1918. By Alan Stewart (2006)

The Chief of the Australian Army. By James Wood (2006)

Game to the Last: The 11th Australian Infantry Battalion at Gallipoli. By James Hurst (2005)

Vets at War. By Ian M. Parsonson (2005)

Hassett - Australian Leader: a Biography of General Sir Francis Hassett. By John Essex-Clark (2005)

Never Late: The 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion 1939-1945. By Gordon Dickens (2005)

The Fragile Forts: The Fixed Defences of Sydney Harbour 1788-1963. By Peter Oppenheim (2005)

Only one river to cross : an Australian soldier behind enemy lines in Korea. By A.M. Harris (2004)

Red Coats to Cams: A History of Australian Infantry 1788 to 2001. By Ian Kuring (2004)

Bowler of Gallipoli: Witness to the Anzac Legend. By Frank Glen (2004)

Operation Orders: The Experience of a Young Australian Army Officer 1963 to 1970. By Pat Beale (2003)

Little by Little. By Michael Bernard Tyquin (2003)

Defenders of Australia: the third Australian division, 1916-1991. By Albert Palazzo (2002)

The Fight Leaders. By D. Butler, A. Argent & J Sheldon (2002

Duntroon: A History of the Royal Military College of Australia, 1911-2001. By Darren Moore (2001)

The Warrior Poets of the Australian Army 1901-2001. By Darren Moore (2001)

The History of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport 1973-2000. By Albert Palazzo (2001)

Winning with Intelligence: A Biography of Brigadier John David Rogers, CBE, MC, 1895-1978. By Judy Thomson (2000)

Warrior of Kokoda: A Biography of Brigadier Arnold Potts. By Bill Edgar (1999)