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2013 Chief of Army Conference

The 2013 Chief of Army History Conference theme was Armies and Maritime Strategy. The key note speaker for the Conference was Dr Geoffrey Till, Director, Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies at Kings College London and an expert in the theory and practice of maritime warfare. His presentation was supported by a number of other papers on the theory and application of land power from the sea that brought together distinguished scholars and practitioners from the United Kingdom, United States, Japan and Australia. 

The conference examined specific examples of the application of land power in support of a national interest, including the Falklands War and the invasion of Grenada. It also reviewed the military flexibility afforded by land power when it is given strategic and operational reach through papers on amphibious operations in the Korean War and in the South-West Pacific during World War Two. 

Please read our conference proceedings for further information.

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4 October 2016
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