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An Australian Army that knows and understands its history and is proud of its heritage. This experience is an essential tool for shaping the Army's future development while ensuring it retains the characteristics which have earned it the trust and confidence of the Australian community.


The Australian Army History Unit is responsible for: 
• Developing policy and programs for the collection, conservation, interpretation and promotion of Army history, 
• Managing Army's museum network,
• Army's heritage fleet,
• Army History Research Grants, 
• Military History Publishing Program, 
• Chief of Army's Annual History Conference, 
• Coordinating the implementation of the Archives Act and administering access arrangements,
• Developing policy, and providing corporate support and advice for cultural heritage collection, and a corporate focus for issues involving the Australian War Memorial,
• Sponsoring and providing secretariat services for both the Army Military History Project Committee and the Battle Honours Committee. 


To promote the study and understanding of Army's history within Army.

To promote the collection, preservation, presentation and interpretation of Army's cultural heritage as an integral part of the nation's heritage.

To assist in the maintenance of high professional standards of doctrine and training by providing relevant historical input.

To contribute to the future development of Army by providing relevant historical analysis in support of the planning process.

To assist in the ongoing development of sound relations between Army and the Australian community by nurturing the community's continuing interest in the Army's past achievements.

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21 December 2016
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