Balancing work and life

Balancing work and life

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life is paramount. This section provides soldiers with a range of information on available flexible working arrangements, to assist them to balance work and life at home.

Army recognises the demands we make on our soldiers and their families. Where operational requirements permit and with the agreement of their unit, soldiers may access flexible work arrangements. Army is working to improve the flexible working arrangements available to help you manage work and family life.

Some of the available flexible working arrangements already available include:

Temporary Home Located Work

This allows a soldier to work away from their normal workplace. This may be a temporary or an ongoing arrangement on a part-time or full-time basis.

Variable Working Hours

This allows a soldier to have more flexibility with workplace start and finish times to be able to meet family or personal commitments. Variable Working Hours can be applied on a permanent basis.

Part-Time Leave Without Pay

This allows a soldier to work a reduced number of days or part days in any fortnightly pay period. Part-Time Leave Without Pay includes the option of job-sharing. It can be used to manage, part-time tertiary study, sports training and participating in competitions and caring for children or elderly members of your family. Part-Time Leave Without Pay is also available for soldiers returning from maternity or parental leave.

Considering Flexible Working Arrangements

It’s important to investigate which option best suits your own personal needs. Soldiers should then discuss their circumstances and proposed flexible working arrangement with their supervisor, Commanding Officer and the Career Management Agency.