AASAM 21 Entry Information

AASAM 21 Entry Information

Competing teams will require all members to be multi-disciplined in service rifle, machine gun and pistol.

Members competing in team events at AASAM 21 will be required to use both the service rifle (SR) and service light support weapon (LSW) or general purpose machine gun (GPMG) in the aggregates. Some additional service pistol (SP) matches will also be conducted.

If range capacity allows, all shooting members of the team may compete in the individual matches.

For entry information by category of participant see: Individual entry | Team entry | Sniper entry

Competitor Prerequisites:

  • All competitors must be qualified on the weapon they will be firing.
  • Must have qualified on RP3A to one of the following standards:
    • Ranges with 200m moving targets:
      • EFF88 with enhanced day sight (EDS) – 144, equivalent to 75% of highest possible score (HPS)
      • F88 with 1.5 optic – 134, equivalent to 70% of HPS
    • Ranges with 100m moving targets:
      • EFF88 with EDS – 135, equivalent to 75% of HPS
      • F88 with 1.5 optic – 126, equivalent to 70% of HPS

These details are to be verified by unit CO (or delegate) on the nomination form prior to team/individual registration. Failure to do so may result in the team/individual being returned to unit.