107 Army Cadet Unit Returns to Parading

107 Army Cadet Unit Returns to Parading

Samford’s 107 Australian Army Cadet Unit (107 ACU) has been given the all clear to return to normal parading.

Despite the impacts of COVID-19, 107 ACU has remained proactive throughout the year, operating the Cadet program in an online environment.

“This is a great step towards the new normal for all of us, with COVID-safe guidelines being implemented and practiced at all times,” said Unit Commanding Officer Captain (AAC) Craig Anderson.

The Australian Army Cadets is a leading national youth development program for young people aged 13-18, and seeks to promote pride in self, community and the nation.

The Australian Army Cadets is an inclusive environment where youth can experience a wide variety of activities conducted in an Army-like environment. These range from traditional activities like drill, navigation, living in the field and weapons familiarisation and safety, through to robotics and cyber-awareness.

Army Cadets shares its values of service, courage, respect, integrity and excellence with the broader Defence organisation, and is founded on strong community partnerships, involving parents and community organisations.

Samford’s 107 ACU parades from 6pm to 8:30pm every Monday, excluding holidays.

If interested in joining, please contact the Officer Commanding by email: 107ACU@armycadets.gov.au

General information about the Australian Army Cadets can be found at: https://www.armycadets.gov.au/