Critical career change for reservist

Critical career change for reservist

By Captain Kristen Daisy Cleland

A Victorian Army Reservist has opted for a career change, which aligns with his civilian job. 

Lieutenant Bartholomew Arundell, of 5th/6th Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment, was commissioned into the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC) last month as a specialist service officer.

Joining the Army after high school in 2004, Lieutenant Arundell initially enlisted in the 1st Commando Regiment.

During his training he received a substantial injury which changed his plans.  

“It was disheartening to be injured at that point, I didn’t know what my plan was in life or where I was going,” Lieutenant Arundell said.

“In my treatment and recovery, I had an amazing nurse who inspired my choice of career.”

Lieutenant Arundell studied nursing at university and now works at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne. 

Having spent five years in the intensive care unit and another five in the emergency ward, Lieutenant Arundell completed his master's degree in intensive care nursing this year. 

After his recovery, Lieutenant Arundell was posted to the 5th/6th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment. 

Following his passion for nursing, Lieutenant Arundell applied for RAANC hoping to transfer his skills.

“Being in the industry has given me a unique perspective into my new role, particularly in the area of critical care nursing,” Lieutenant Arundell said.

With the support of his wife and two children, Lieutenant Arundell has deployed on multiple operations including Operation Resolute to the Solomon Islands, the Victorian Floods and Operation Bushfire Assist.

He said he would like to deploy in his nursing capacity at some point in the future.

“My family are supportive and they know that Army is a huge part of my life and what I value. They’ve been by my side the whole way,” Lieutenant Arundell said. 

“I’d love to be a part of an operation and know I was  using my nursing experience to help fellow men and women of the ADF in protecting my nation – it’s something I can’t wait to experience.”

Commanding Officer of 5th/6th Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Strack said Lieutenant Arundell’s promotion and new career pathway was a testament to his commitment to challenging himself.

“He constantly aims to be the best he possibly can be, while providing back to the community,” Lieutenant Colonel Strack said.

“His promotion highlights the inherent capacities and agility of the Army Reserve workforce, where specialist professional skills can be coupled with a uniformed and disciplined mindset, to help communities in their time of need.

“Nurses play a vital role in providing health services, and soldiers play a vital role in providing stability during times of crisis. Lieutenant Arundell does both.”