Keeping the unit connected

Keeping the unit connected

Soldiers deployed with Joint Task Unit Tiger are assisting NT Police and emergency services with a range of personnel and logistics support throughout the NT.

Darwin-based 1st Combat Signal Regiment communications specialists Signaller Joshua Kindred and Signaller Adelaide Brown were called up to deploy as part of the team.  

Signaller Kindred said they provided communications support as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist. 

“It was a short-notice task,” Signaller Kindred said. 

“It proves that you always have to be ready to go, as anything can happen.” 

The signallers’ mission was to provide and maintain a robust and layered communication network for the unit near large population centres and remote police control points.

The availability of civilian telecommunications allowed Joint Task Unit Tiger to use mobile cloud operations network – a capability that enables secure live personnel tracking and alternate voice and data services.

Signaller Brown said it was a great opportunity. 

“It was good to practice our skills and see how different agencies and services operate, particularly as part of such a unique task,” Signaller Brown said.

“It was interesting to see this technology used and to see that everyone needs basic information and communication technology literacy to troubleshoot issues as they arise.”

The unit also employed satellite communications and high-frequency radio communications to keep each of the check points connected to one another and in touch with their headquarters in Darwin.

Signaller Kindred said this created redundancy in case mobile communications infrastructure failed. 

As communication systems operators, Signaller Kindred and Signaller Brown had the training and experience in the technology. 

“It’s good for us to see all our training put to use in support of the community,” Signaller Kindred said.