A message from the Chief of Army

A message from the Chief of Army

Welcome back Army.

I hope you all enjoyed the break and were able to spend quality time with your family and friends. There is much to be excited about the year ahead as we continue to help others, build readiness and ensure our Army remains Ready Now and Future Ready.

The start of the year is always challenging, especially for those who have endured the turbulence of relocating to a new posting — particularly in the ongoing context of COVID. Over the coming weeks, as we return to work and our Army prepares for another busy year, I ask everyone, at all levels, to acknowledge and respect people’s individual circumstance and ensure we support each other to be set for the year ahead. 

We began this year in the midst of the High Risk Weather Season. The recent volcanic eruption and tsunami that impacted Tonga serves as a reminder that we must remain postured to respond domestically and regionally to crises at short notice. We are and will continue to work across the Indo-Pacific this year to support our friends and enhance trust and cooperation in our region.

At the same time our Army will continue to prepare for the accelerating demands of the future. We welcome the investment in significant new capabilities for our land forces, such as the aviation, armoured and artillery capabilities recently announced by Government. 

There will be further changes to our organisational structures and command and control. Next month, for example, the first of four multi-function health battalions will 
be formed to provide a fully operational health brigade. This will enhance Army health capabilities, increase our ability to attract and retain qualified health professionals, and better support our people. 

Hearings will continue as part of the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. We recognise these will be challenging for many of our members, veterans and families, but the Royal Commission is an opportunity to continue learning and understanding the complexities of suicide and its impact. People are at the centre of who we are and everything we do, and we welcome efforts that help us maintain safety and improve the system that supports our people every day.  

As people we want to feel valued and respected, and be part of a team. Fostering positive and meaningful lived experience in our Army is the most powerful contribution to effective service and retention we can all make.

As we return to training continue to focus on safety while deliberately building individual and team readiness. Across Army, wherever you are, and irrespective of rank and level, always seek to find new ways to embrace innovation and foster a continuous learning culture. 

2022 will be another year of continuous change, new challenges and opportunities. 

We know that and are prepared for that. As an Army in Motion with Good Soldiering at our core, we will continue to strengthen our Army, and focus its support on the defence of our national interests. 

I am proud of you all, what you have achieved, and the success you continue to deliver. 

Good Soldiering. 

LTGEN Rick Burr
Chief of Army