Passionate about contributing to the cause

Passionate about contributing to the cause

Deployed Australian Defence Force personnel have being working hard to help the whole-of government response to COVID-19. 

Due to the spike in cases in Victoria, around 200 ADF medical personnel have returned to Melbourne to support testing. 

Army Medic Lance Corporal Nathaneal Bull said he was keen to be involved.

“We’re getting put to good use assisting the Department of Health and Human Services with their increased Coronavirus swab testing,” Lance Corporal Bull said.

Coming from a family with a long history of Defence involvement, Lance Corporal Bull always wanted to join the Army.

“I have numerous family members serving in defence forces around the world, including New Zealand,” Lance Corporal Bull said.

“I’ve had multiple great uncles and aunties who were also Anzacs.” 

Before moving to healthcare, Lance Corporal Bull’s military career began as an Infantryman.

“While in Infantry, I was a combat first aider for a few years,” Lance Corporal Bull said.

“That’s where I developed a passion for medicine and decided to pursue it further.”

Lance Corporal Bull said being deployed on any operation was a sacrifice.

“I’m missing my family. My son took his first steps the night I left for Melbourne, but thankfully my wife was able to video it and send it to me,” Lance Corporal Bull said.

“I’m glad to be here. It’s awesome to know that in 10 years’ time I’ll look back on this and remember my contribution.”