The value of mentoring

The value of mentoring

Lyndsay Freeman and Shamsa Lea

Most ADF members don’t realise the value of mentoring until late in their careers – with the common reflection being ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner!?’

Mentoring can change your career and life trajectory. It can open up networks and opportunities beyond your immediate reach, and can give you the tools and confidence to develop and promote yourself.  Most importantly, the right mentor is a valuable role model who can help you see possibilities and play to your strengths to navigate a better path ahead. 

Mentoring ISa voluntary structured or informal partnership between a more experienced person (the mentor) and a less experienced person  (the mentee) to foster personal and professional growth. The arrangement can occur organically (like developing a professional bond with a former supervisor or colleague), or through a structured program. Either way, mentoring works best when there are planned goals and focus areas in mind.

Mentoring IS NOT: training, coaching, teaching, outsourcing specialist expertise, performance management, networking with the goal of sponsorship in selection for a job, or counselling/therapy.


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