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Army Indigenous Strategy

Army supports the Australian Government’s Closing the Gap commitment made in 2008 to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians. The Army Indigenous Strategy, which was originally authorised in November 2008, is updated biennially with the latest review released in June 2014.

The Army Indigenous Strategy focuses on four key goals. These goals are RecruitRetain and Develop Army's Indigenous personnel, and to Contribute to Government community development programs and broader community engagement.

To support these goals Army has established: 

• Eight Indigenous Recruiting Officers at Defence Force Recruiting, 
• Two Indigenous Mentors at Kapooka to support Indigenous recruits to complete recruit training, and 
• An Indigenous Liaison Officer Network in each region to focus on community engagement and support to the chain of command. 

The Army Indigenous Cultural Advisory Board (AICAB) includes Army Indigenous representatives from a cross section of remote, regional and urban areas, as well as rank, gender, Regular and Reserve soldiers. The AICAC meets regularly and is responsible for providing advice on, promoting and monitoring the implementation of the Army Indigenous Strategy across Army's Commands. 

Army also contributes to the following Defence Indigenous activities: 

  • Defence Indigenous Development Program (DIDP) is for young Indigenous adults that want to join the ADF but may be challenged by reading and writing, fitness or are just not sure if the ADF is for them. The DIDP can also provide young Indigenous adults with life skills and confidence to secure and sustain continuous employment of their choice and it help them to be role models within their communities. 
  • Defence Indigenous Pre Recruitment Course (IPRC) is an 6-week program to prepare young Indigenous people for the Defence Force Recruiting process. It focuses on pre-employment training, literacy and numeracy, aptitude, interview technique, communication, leadership, teamwork, self confidence, physical conditioning and experiential visits to Navy, Army and Air Force Bases to observe Australian Defence Force employment conditions first-hand. 

Defence Indigenous Policy 

The Directorate of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) was established in July 2008 to provide a single point of contact for Defence Indigenous matters. 

DIA is responsible for: 

• Providing a whole-of Defence approach to Indigenous matters, 
• Providing a central link between Defence and other important external stakeholders, 
• Managing the Defence Reconciliation Action Plan (DRAP) 2010 – 2014, and 
• Managing the ADF Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) 2007 – 2017

Indigenous Self-Identification 

Declaring Indigenous heritage is voluntary, however, we ask all Indigenous Army personnel to consider self-identification. Accurate self-identification will highlight the truly diverse nature of Army and helps us to: 

• Collect accurate data for identifying trends – good and bad – in Indigenous recruitment and retention issues, and 
• Ensure the provision of the most effective policies, programs, strategies and initiatives for Army's Indigenous personnel. 


For further information, please contact the Directorate of Workforce Strategy at Army.Indigenous [at]

Last updated
19 December 2016
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