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The Army Indigenous Lapel Pin

The Army Indigenous lapel pin
The Army Indigenous Lapel Pin was designed in 2011 to promote Army’s commitment to Indigenous Australians and celebrate the long and proud history of Indigenous service in Army.

Indigenous Australians have been engaged in all conflicts since the Boer War and continue to serve with pride today.

Army is committed to increasing the numbers of Indigenous Australians in Army; contributing to the development of Indigenous communities and establishing Army’s reputation as a culturally aware and integrated employer.

The Army Indigenous Lapel Pin represents Army’s significant connection to its Indigenous soldiers and to the communities where Army units are located, especially the Regional Force Surveillance Units in Northern Australia.

It was designed in consultation with Army Branding and Indigenous Army members representing a broad selection of ranks, service type and geographic location. The Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag fly proudly ‘under the Rising Sun’ representing Army. The Rising Sun Badge is an iconic symbol of Army tradition and commitment to service.

For more information on the Army Regional Indigenous Network of to request an Army Indigenous Lapel Pin, please contact the [at] (subject: Request%20for%20an%20Army%20Indigenous%20Lapel%20Pin) (Army Regional Indigenous Liaison Officer Network)

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18 July 2017
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