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Corps of Staff Cadets

Corps of Staff Cadets
The Corps of Staff Cadets prepares cadets and other selected candidates for a career in the Army by promoting leadership and integrity, by inspiring high ideals in the pursuit of excellence, and by inculcating a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation

The Royal Military College of Australia, Duntroon, curriculum currently extends over eighteen months. Staff cadets start in third class and, after six months, progress to second class, before eventually progressing six months later to first class. 

This is a shorter course than the original four-year degree course offered to cadets at the college’s inception. 

Degrees are no longer offered at Duntroon, which trains only Army and Air Force ground defence officers in military tactics and leadership. 

Duntroon’s tri-service neighbour, the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), offers degree courses to Navy, Army and Air Force officers. 

The Corps of Staff Cadet motto is ‘Doctrina Vim Promovet’, which is Latin for ‘Learning Promotes Strength’.

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18 January 2017
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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