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Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Royal Australian Corps of Signals
The role of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals is, as part of the combined-arms team, to assist in the creation of a decisive information advantage through the use and manipulation of the electro-magnetic spectrum and the provision of tailored, robust and secure information infrastructure.

Using our unique understanding of the electro-magnetic spectrum, communications systems, information communications technology and electronic warfare, listening to or interfering with enemy electronic transmissions, the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RA Sigs) enable highly dynamic command and control, while disrupting that of any adversary. It is a respected and vital part of the Army, operating cutting-edge technology and is always looking to the future.

Throughout its proud history, RA Sigs has provided electronic warfare and information communications technology support to the Army and broader Australian Defence Force to enable the command and control and situational awareness of deployed forces in peace, crisis and conflict on operations around the globe.

This century has seen elements of RA Sigs engaged in multiple operations across the spectrum of conflict, and the span of the corps extending from beyond the forward edge of the battle area to the desk of the Chief of the Defence Force. Simultaneously, there has been a rapid change in the nature and use of technology employed on operations, and the complexity of systems RA Sigs need to bring to the fight as the electronic information warfare professionals.

On the battlefield, RA Sigs provides commanders with the means of controlling the battle using a number of methods including radio, fibre optic, microwave, information systems and satellite links. By planning, deploying and maintaining robust, scalable, secure local and wide area networks, RA Sigs ensures the Army's information services are available 24/7 anywhere in the world.

In the coming years, the speed of change for RA Sigs will continue, not only as Army embarks towards digitisation, and an equal growth in the demand for immediate access to information and greater situational awareness, but also in response to further dramatic technological advances.

The Royal Australian Corps of Signals motto is 'Certa Cito', which is Latin for 'Swift and Sure'.

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4 December 2016
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