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Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery

The role of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery is to maximise the combat power of the Australian Defence Forces through the provision of offensive support coordination and indirect firepower, surveillance and target acquisition and ground-based air defence.

Artillery influences the battlefield by providing indirect fire support, systematic surveillance, accurate target acquisition and subsequent destruction. It defeats or weakens enemy combat power, utilising:

• 155mm and 105mm artillery guns to provide intimate indirect fire support to the battlefield, in support of combat team operations

• RBS 70 missile systems and PSTAR extended-range radars to provide air defence against enemy combat air power and the surveillance capacity to provide data to the air combat picture

• Weapon locating radars, ground-surveillance detachments and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to provide real-time surveillance and target acquisition to enable development of the intelligence picture and subsequent target engagement. 

On 19 September 1962, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted the Royal Australian Artillery the title of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery. All Australian gunners are considered members of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. 

Upon the Royal Australian Artillery being granted the title 'Royal Regiment', Queen Elizabeth II also assumed the title of Captain General of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery. 

The corps motto is 'Quo fas et gloria ducunt', which is Latin for ‘Where right and glory lead’.

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19 November 2018
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