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The Exercise

The Chief of Army's Exercise themed ‘The Australian Army’s Role in a Maritime Strategy' was held in Melbourne from 29 – 30 October 2012.

The international audience included senior military leadership representatives from 15 nations. The Australian audience  included senior leaders from both the Australian Army and wider Australian Defence Force, Australian government agencies and members of the academic community.

Three focus areas were identified to provide a basis for discussion and analysis: ‘The Role of the Australian Army in the Indo-Pacific region’‘Security and Stability in the Indo-Pacific region’ – a Chinese perspective’, and ‘The challenges for Land Forces in the Indo-Pacific region’ – a regional perspective’.

The format for CAEX12 was designed to maximise discussion and interaction and to capitalise on the collective knowledge and experience of attendees. The exercise culminated in the establishment of an expert panel and open debate between the attendees and key note speakers.

In addition to the conduct of keynote speeches, two expert panels were held, each of these panels were conducted in the form of a facilitated debate to allow maximum input from both the panellists and the wider audience. 

Key points from the first expert panel were broadcast as a series of live tweets from the Land Warfare Studies Centre twitter feed (@lwscaustralia). 

The discussion topics for the expert panels were: 

It is widely accepted that many contemporary security issues are unable to be addressed by use of the military alone. What are realistic aspirations for, and limitations of, combined, multi-agency coordination in order to address security concerns and build constructive relationships within the Indo-Pacific region?

Documents such as the UK's Future Character of Conflict suggest that the fundamental nature of conflict is fixed, but its character is constantly evolving. If this is the case, what are the implications for land forces? What elements must remain fundamental to land force training and operations to address conflict's fixed nature, and what elements should modernise in response to its changing character? What role does technology play in shaping the evolution of our Land Forces? 

CAEX12 coincided with the Land Warfare Conference, which was held at the same venue from 31 October – 2 November. The theme of the Land Warfare Conference 2012 was ‘Potent Land Force for a Joint Maritime Strategy’.

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