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Discussion Topics

The format of the Chief of Army's Exercise is designed by Strategic Plans Branch - Army to maximise discussion and interaction to capitalise on the collective knowledge and experience of attendees.

To support the examination of the theme of ‘Modernisation of Land Forces in the Indo-Pacific Region’, several Australian and international guests have been invited to convey a range of perspectives throughout the three plenary sessions and one key note speaker address.

‘Modernisation of Land Forces in the Indo–Pacific’ will be considered via the following activities:

• Plenary Session 1: Lessons from Contemporary Operations for Future Land Forces in the Indo–Pacific (1130 – 1300 Monday 22 September 2014)

• Key note address: Regional Cooperation in the Indo–Pacific 
(1930 – 2030 Monday 22 September 2014)

• Plenary Session 2: Challenges of Regional Engagement in the Indo–Pacific 
(0800 – 1000 Tuesday 23 September 2014)

• Plenary Session 3: Modernisation of Land Forces
(1030 – 1230 Tuesday 23 September 2014)

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17 January 2017
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