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Command Sergeant Major - Forces Command

Regimental Sergeant Major Forces Command - Warrant Officer David Galloway
7 February 2017


Warrant Officer Class One David Galloway enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 1982 and after initial training, commenced his regimental service with the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, serving in the 8th/9th, 2nd/4th and 2nd Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment. This included two operational deployments, one to Rwanda in 1994/95 as a Sergeant, and the second to East Timor as a Company Sergeant Major in 1999/00. He has also served as the Training Warrant Officer East Kimberly Troop in the North West Mobile Force at Kununurra.

Warrant Officer Galloway's instructional experience includes service as a Section Commander in the First Recruit Training Battalion in 1988/89, a Sergeant Instructor at the Land Warfare Centre in 1995/96, instructing on Subject One for Corporal and Sergeant. He was the Australian Army Exchange Warrant Officer at the Officer Cadet School of New Zealand in 2002/03. He was the Senior Instructor at the Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy in Brisbane 2008/09, responsible for the conduct of Junior Leaders Courses. During this posting he also deployed on five month exchange as a member of the Australian Instructional Support Team to the United States Marine Corps in Twenty-Nine Palms California.

Warrant Officer Galloway has also completed the Foundation Studies and Single Service component of the Australian Command and Staff College, before serving in Afghanistan as the first Regimental Sergeant Major of Combined Team Uruzgan in 2010/11.

His Regimental Sergeant Major appointments have been with the 5th/6th Battalion, The Royal Victoria Regiment in Melbourne in 2004/05 and the 51st Battalion the Far North Queensland Regiment in Cairns for 2006/07, the Army Recruit Training Centre, in Wagga Wagga in 2011/12 and the Combat Training Centre in Townsville in 2013/14.

In January 2015 he was appointed as the Command Sergeant Major of Forces Command in Sydney.

He is married to Sue and they have three adult children in their early twenties, all studying and working in Brisbane. He enjoys most sports and all social activities.

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10 February 2017
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