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Craftsman David Gleeson

Craftsman David Gleeson
He may only be 20 years old, but former Corinda local and St Laurence’s College graduate David Gleeson is already playing a vital role in Army operations overseas.

The son of long term Corinda residents Peter and Cathy Gleeson, David is now an Army Avionics Technician in East Timor. He’s part of the Australian led International Stabilisation Force tasked with helping local security forces maintain a stable and secure environment. 

This is David’s first operational deployment and it’s not something he is taking lightly. 

“My role is avionics maintenance for the Army Black Hawk helicopter,” David said. “It’s not your everyday job and that’s what I enjoy,” he said 

“I help keep the helicopters flying by daily servicing and troubleshooting. It is demanding but it is worth it.” 

Last month, David’s unit conducted an aero medical evacuation of a 26-year-old pregnant woman and 18-year-old man with advanced appendicitis from an island north of the East Timor capital, Dili. 

“It feels pretty good to be part of a team that makes such rescues possible,” said David. 

When David is not helping to keep the helicopters flying he is soaking up the culture, and humidity of East Timor. 

“The first thing that struck me when I arrived was how hot it was — even compared to Brisbane,” he said. 

“It’s also very dusty which has made me appreciate what a luxury grass is. The second thing was the traffic - it has to be seen to be believed.” 

David is looking forward to his mid-deployment break when he’ll be home to spend time hiking Mount Flinders and catching up with family and friends.

Last updated
14 December 2016
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