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Gunner Wayne Gordon

Gunner Wayne Gordon
Gunner Wayne Gordon Berrimah’s Wayne Gordon spent 12 months in Afghanistan, providing big-gun back up for British troops in Helmand province.

Wayne, 22, joined the Army six years ago and trained as a gunner with 1st Field Regiment based in Brisbane. Early in 2010 he was picked for a group of Australian gunners to deploy to Afghanistan with the British 7th Parachute Regiment. 

But first came seven months training in the UK. 

“The Brits use a different version of our 105mm gun so we had to train on theirs. It was good to see how they operate,” Wayne said. 

Wayne was already a veteran of Timor in 2006, so he had some idea of what to expect when he got to the Forward Operating Bases in Helmand Province. 

As well as fire missions in support of infantry patrols, the Aussie gunners maintained their guns, did sentry duties, and kept fit through team sports or gym work. 

“I enjoy working overseas,” Wayne said. “I’m doing what I have trained to do. 

“It’s good to play a part in this large-scale effort to help the Afghans.” 

It has been a long time away for Wayne, whose daughter, Sophia, was only one when he left, two when he saw her on his leave and will be three when he gets home. 

“I am looking forward to seeing my little girl and getting back to Darwin to see all the family.”

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17 January 2017
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