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Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Bennett

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Bennett
Lieutenant Colonel Bennett deployed with the Force Communications Unit 5 to the Middle East Area of Operations during 2011.

The Force Communications Unit (FCU) provided communications and information systems to Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 in the United Arab Emirates through to forward operating bases in Afghanistan. 

Lieutenant Colonel Bennett deployed as the Commanding Officer of Force Communications Unit 5 and said, "Wherever there is an ADF member deployed there will be a FCU detachment nearby to provide communication support ranging from strategic interfaces to tactical combat net radios." 

The Force Communications Unit 5 also provided important amenities for welfare, such as the internet and phones to keep in contact with loved ones back at home. 

Lieutenant Colonel Bennett was commanding a triservice unit of 77 Army, 42 Air Force and five Navy personnel. He said the different services got on well and there were a surprising number of personnel who had worked together on deployments before.

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17 January 2017
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