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Private Melissa Jessop

Private Melissa Jessop
Dairy farmers Sue and Michael Jessop have two daughters in the Army and the youngest is now heading for Afghanistan.

Melissa, 20, said it’s because her older sister Kaye, now based in Townsville, told her how good the Army was – most days. 

“I joined in 2009 after Hellyer College,” Melissa said. “Now I’ve specialized as a transport driver.” 

Soon Melissa will be one of 1550 Australian soldiers in Afghanistan who will be helping to train Afghan soldiers and to restore peace to the troubled province. 

“I’ll be part of our re-supply operation in Afghanistan, delivering food and equipment to our forward bases. 

“It’s amazing,” she said, “I’ll have my first Australian Active Service Medal by next Anzac Day. 

“Half way through the eight month rotation we also get some leave and I’ll be taking that break in Europe. 

“By the time I’m back I’ll be able to buy Mum and Dad a big present, pay off my motorbike and car and put the rest in a savings account towards a house,” she said. 

“And I’ll still have enough for a beer at Greens.”

Last updated
17 January 2017
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