Deputy Chief of Army

Major General Anthony Rawlins, DSC, AM

Major General Anthony Rawlins
Major General Anthony Rawlins
Major General Anthony Rawlins

Major General Anthony Rawlins graduated from the Royal Military College at Duntroon in December 1989, commissioning into the Royal Australian Armoured Corps. Following completion of an Honours year of study at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), he posted to 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Major General Rawlins has held a variety of corps and non-corps appointments as a Lieutenant, Captain and Major. Corps command appointments have included Troop Leader, Squadron 2IC and Squadron Commander in 2nd Cavalry Regiment. In a non-corps capacity he has served as a Divisional Officer at ADFA, Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General and as a Career Adviser for Armoured/Intelligence Corps and the Senior Career Adviser at the Directorate of Officer Career Management—Army. Operational service during this time included a posting to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation as a Military Observer in Israel and Team Leader in Lebanon.

Major General Rawlins attended Australian Command and Staff College in 2002 and the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies in 2013.

In 2006, Major General Rawlins became Commanding Officer of 2nd Cavalry Regiment. In this appointment he deployed as the Commanding Officer of Overwatch Battle Group West—Two responsible for operational overwatch in al-Muthanna and Dhi Qar provinces in southern Iraq. For his service as the Commanding Officer of Overwatch Battle Group West—Two he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in the 2008 Australia Day Honours List.

Following these command appointments, Major General Rawlins served as an instructor at the Australian Command and Staff College, before being posted as the Australian instructor at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Canada.

From July 2010, Major General Rawlins served as Brigadier Plans at Headquarters 1st Division/Deployable Joint Force Headquarters. During this appointment, he was principally responsible for developing and coordinating Australia’s emergent joint amphibious capability. In 2013, he deployed as the Chief CJ3 at Headquarters International Security Assistance Force (HQ ISAF), returning to take up the position as Director General of Military Strategic Commitments in October 2014.

Major General Rawlins has studied extensively at the tertiary level, reading for Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Master of Management (Defence Studies), Master of Defence Studies and Master of Arts degrees. He was admitted as a barrister/solicitor in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 2011.

Major General Rawlins was appointed Deputy Chief of Army on 10 December 2018.