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Combat Training Centre

Combat Training Centre
The Combat Training Centre (CTC) can trace its origins back to 3 November 1942, Army Headquarters ordered the formation of a Land Headquarters Training Centre (Jungle Warfare) at Canungra. Training at Canungra was tough and realistic in the extreme. The CTC is Army’s only advanced collective training organisation and supports Army’s strategic objectives.

The Combat Training Centre (CTC) delivers advanced collective combat training on behalf of the Australian Army. The training is assigned to forces that are preparing to deploy or readying themselves as part of the Army’s commitment to Australian Defence Force contingency operations.

The motto for the CTC is ‘Know yourself, know your enemy, know your environment'. Accordingly, the CTC has a diverse focus and is therefore comprised of three unique organisations under the HQ CTC for the delivery of training and support to Army’s strategic priorities.

Combat Training Centre – Live (CTC-L), delivers advanced field training exercises to a training audience who are fully integrated into a training simulation system for that exercise, in order to enhance realism. The focus for CTC-L is on the tactical development of a Battle Group or Combat Team sized organisation in stressful and challenging environments.

Combat Training Centre – Battle Command (CTC-BC), is a command and control focussed unit. Battle Command targets Brigade headquarter elements as their training audience and delivers training through a series of scalable command post exercises. The training caters for individual skill development right through to collective headquarters training where the focus is complex formation level planning and execution.

Combat Training Centre – Jungle Training Wing (CTC-JTW), is the final direct command unit belonging to the CTC. Located in Tully, Queensland, Jungle Training Wing are the Australian Army’s experts in jungle warfare. Their primary role is to deliver basic and advanced jungle warfare training to dismounted Combat Team sized organisations. Jungle Training Wing are also heavily engaged in international exercises, often providing training to regional allies as their level of expertise is highly regarded in the international military community.

The CTC is committed to the delivery of challenging and realistic training for Australian Army force elements preparing for operations. To succeed in its mission, the CTC constantly refreshes the problems given to the training audience. By doing so they are individually challenged and are collectively developed. As the contemporary operating environment evolves, so too will the training delivered at the CTC to ensure the Australian Army is ready for operations.

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13 December 2016
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