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17th Combat Service Support Brigade

The 17th Combat Service Support Brigade (17 CSS Bde) currently commands the Australian Army's deployable Third Line Combat Service Support (CSS) and Military Police units.

The role of 17 CSS Bde is to provide general Combat Service Support and Military Policing to land based forces in joint, combined and interagency operations. 

Raised on 20 May 2006, the brigade was formerly known as the Logistic Support Force (LSF), and is made up of specialist logistic, health and military police capabilities, and represents a variety of corps and trades. It encompasses both reserve and full time units, geographically dispersed throughout Australia. 

Headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, the Brigade will raise and command a Force Support Group to support operations. 

The 17th Combat Service Support Brigade currently consists of the following units: 
• 17th Signals Regiment  
• 2nd Force Support Battalion 
• 9th Force Support Battalion 
• 10th Force Support Battalion 
• 1st Close Health Support Battalion 
• 2nd General Health Support Battalion 
• 3rd Health Support Battalion 
• 1st Military Police Battalion 
• 1st Psychology Unit

Last updated
14 December 2016
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