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1st Brigade

1st Brigade is one of three multi-role combat brigades of the Australian Army.

1st Brigade is based at Robertson Barracks, Palmerston, 20km south of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

1 Brigade soldiers are at the forefront of Australia's operational commitments around the world. In recent years, 1st Brigade units have deployed to Timor-Leste (East Timor), Iraq and Afghanistan.

1st Brigade currently consists of the following units:
• Headquarters 1st Brigade 
• 1st Armoured Regiment 
• 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment 
• 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment 
• 8th/12th Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery 
• 1st Combat Engineer Regiment 
• 1st Combat Signal Regiment 
• 1st Combat Service Support Battalion. 

In 1992, 1st Brigade began the process of moving to Darwin as part of a force structure review focused upon relocating defence assets in the north. By 2000, the brigade had completed its move and was headquartered at Robertson Barracks in Darwin. 

Today, most 1st Brigade units are located in Darwin, while 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7 RAR), along with supporting sub-units from 8th/12th Regiment, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment and 1st Combat Service Support Battalion have moved to RAAF Base Edinbrugh, just outside Adelaide.

Although 1st Brigade is split, the Adelaide–Darwin railway can be used to transport heavy vehicles and equipment north. In its current configuration, 1st Brigade is currently capable of operating three battle-groups: one formed around 1st Armoured Regiment as an armour-heavy formation and the other two around 5 RAR and 7 RAR operating as mechanised infantry formations.

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9 October 2019
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