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2nd Cavalry Regiment

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2 Cav Regt) is a cavalry regiment of the Australian Army and serves in an armoured reconnaissance role.

2nd Cavalry Regiment is the second most senior regiment in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, and is attached to the 1st Brigade, based in Darwin, Northern Territory. 

Currently the regiment is made up of: 
• Regimental Headquarters 
• Three Sabre Squadrons (A, B, and C Squadrons) 
• Support Squadron

The Regiment is a capable organisation and plays an important part of the operational effectiveness of the 1st Brigade. The Regiment is manned by skilled and motivated professionals who operate some of the most capable and technologically advanced equipment within the Australian Army. The Regiment has the ability to self deploy anywhere on the Australian mainland and the deployability and portability to move to any location in the region requiring our presence and then conduct a multitude of operations, from peace keeping and low level operations through to mid intensity conflict.

Each of the Sabre Squadrons is equipped with the ASLAV family of light armoured vehicles, whilst the Support Squadron provides the combat service support to the Regiment.

Since being equipped with the ASLAV, 2 Cav Regt has played a key role in Australian military operations. In 1999, ‘C’ Squadron deployed to east Timor as part of the initial Australian contribution to INTERFET, with the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) providing the Australian force with the majority of its mobility and armoured support during the early days of the intervention. Detachments from the regiment supported all subsequent Australian troop deployments to East Timor.

More recently, 2 Cav Regt has deployed its ASLAVs to Iraq in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion. The regiment’s initial role was to provide armoured transport for Australian diplomats and military personnel based in Baghdad and northern Iraq. The regiment has also formed a key element of the Al Muthanna Task Group, with the Regimental Headquarters commanding the initial rotation and a squadron from the regiment forming part of the first two rotations of the Task Group elements.

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14 December 2016
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