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2nd Division

The 2nd Division commands all the Army Reserve brigades of the Australian Army.

2nd Division (2 Div) brings together more than 10,000 soldiers within six brigades across Australia.

The units within each of these brigades are located across Australia's major cities and in remote and regional areas. 

2 Div consists of the following formations and direct command units: 
• 8th Signals Regiment 
• 4th Brigade 
• 5th Brigade 
• 8th Brigade 
• 9th Brigade 
• 11th Brigade 
• 13th Brigade
• 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment 
• North-West Mobile Force (NORFORCE) 
• Pilbara Regiment 

Headquarters for 2nd Division is located at Randwick, Sydney.


Unit badge

Unit colour patch

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20 December 2016
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