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11th Combat Service Support Battalion

11th Combat Services Support Battalion (11 CSSB) is an Army reserve logistics unit. The headquarters of 11 CSSB is located in Passchendale Lines, Laverack Barracks, Queensland.

The Battalions mission is to raise, train and sustain directed individual and collective Combat Service Support capabilities to support Army within designated readiness notice. 

The members of 11 CSSB are a mixture of full-time and reservist soldiers from all walks of life - we are students, employees, family members and colleagues. We are an inclusive unit which represents the diversity and vitality of the Australian community. 

The unit can trace its history back to World War One to the 9th Field Ambulance. On 28 February 1994, 11th Brigade Administrative Support Battalion was raised, amalgamating several smaller units from the North Queensland region. 

These units included 9th Field Ambulance, 4th Transport Squadron, 108th Field Workshop Company and 15th Dental Unit. On February 1st 2001, the unit underwent another name change to become the 11th Combat Service Support Battalion. 

11th Combat Service Support Battalion provides support to the 11th Brigade and comes under the 2nd Division. The unit has two other detachments which are located in Mackay and Rockhampton. These two units form what is known as a Combat Service Support Team. Another Combat Service Support Team is located in Townsville. 

11th Brigade Operational Support Company has also recently been formed within the Battalion centralising the Brigades administrative support. The unit now occupies what was once the 3rd Brigade precinct which is the home of 11th Brigade, Passchendale Lines. 

The unit is inherently flexible and is capable of operating in centralised, dispersed and independent roles. The level of support that the unit provides is limited to only first line support to 11 Brigade units, while 11 Combat Service Support Battalion is a non-deployable unit it is still often called upon to fill individual logistic positions on operations overseas. 

As an Army Reserve unit, 11 CSSB relies heavily upon the goodwill and support of our member's families, friends, employers, and local industry to assist us and our members to attend military activities. We value and appreciate the recognition of the wider community provided to 11 CSSB, and the way in which all of the community contributes to the ADF. 

The motto of 11th Combat Services Support Battalion is 'Tenacious in Adversity'.

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14 December 2016
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