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13th Combat Service Support Battalion

13th Combat Services Support Battalion (13 CSSB) is an Army reserve logistics unit. The headquarters of 13 CSSB is located at Irwin Barracks in Perth, Western Australia.

The Battalion’s mission is to raise, train and sustain directed individual and collective Combat Service Support capabilities to support Army within designated readiness notice. 

The members of 13 CSSB are a mixture of full-time and reservist soldiers from all walks of life - we are students, employees, family members and colleagues. We are an inclusive unit which represents the diversity and vitality of the Australian community. 

In late 1990, the Land Commander directed the trial in 3rd Brigade of an integrated logistic unit that would provide 2nd line Combat Service Support to units of the Brigade. This trial unit was designated as a Brigade Administrative Support Battalion. The trial was successful and, as a consequence, other Brigade Administrative Support Battalions were raised or formed throughout Australia. 

13th Brigade Administrative Support Battalion is now named 13th Combat Service Support Battalion, the name providing a better insight into its actual role. This unit was made up from many different smaller units and each one having a substantial historical background. 

Today, 13th Combat Service Support Battalion is part of the 13th Brigade and provides Combat Service Support to all Brigade units in barracks, during exercise deployments and, should the need arise, during wartime operations. 

As an Army Reserve unit, 13 CSSB relies heavily upon the goodwill and support of our members’ families, friends, employers, and local industry to assist us and our members to attend military activities. We value and appreciate the recognition of the wider community provided to 13 CSSB, and the way in which all of the community contributes to the Australian Defence Force. 

On the 1st October 2001 the unit was granted "Freedom of Entry" to the City of Fremantle. 

13th Combat Service Support Battalion was formed in March 1995 and incorporated the following units: 
• 7th Field Ambulance 
• 10th Transport Squadron 
• 13th Field Supply Company 
• 5th Dental Unit 
• 13th Field Workshop Company 

The motto of 13th Combat Services Support Battalion is 'Soldiers Supporting Soldiers'.

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14 December 2016
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