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8th/7th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment

8th/7th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment
The 8th/7th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment, is an infantry battalion of the Australian Army.

8th/7th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (8/7 RVR), is one of two battalions that make up the Royal Victoria Regiment. The other is 5th/6th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment (5/6 RVR).

8/7 RVR can trace its history back to 1854 and the battalion has maintained an unbroken record of service, albeit in varying forms and under various names.

The present day unit traces its lineage from a number of previous units, including 8th Battalion (City of Ballarat Regiment), 59th Battalion (Hume Regiment), 7th Battalion (North and West Murray Regiment), and 38th Battalion (Northern Victoria Regiment).

Today, 8/7 RVR is part of 4th Brigade and is responsible for most of the rural areas of Victoria and protecting vital assets in the north of Australia.

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13 December 2016
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