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5th Engineer Regiment

The 5th Engineer Regiment (5 ER) is a Reserve Engineer unit within the 5th Brigade. It is located in Sydney and Canberra.

The role of the 5th Engineer Regiment is to raise, train and sustain assigned Engineer Squadrons in order to provide required capability outputs. The regiments capability spans combat engineering, construction engineering as well as geospatial survey.

5 ER consists of a Regimental Headquarters located in Holsworthy and four sub-units:

  • 4th Combat Engineer Squadron (Canberra)
  • 5th Combat Engineer Squadron (Penrith)
  • 101st Construction Squadron (Holsworthy)
  • Littoral and Riverine Survey Squadron (Holsworthy)

The combat engineer squadrons generally support infantry battalions as part of a Battle Group, involving activities such as demolitions, operating watercraft, search and explosive hazard reduction, route clearance, constructing field defences and force protection structures, and minor construction tasks such as small bridges or forward operating bases. Combat engineers from 5 ER frequently support full-time Army combat engineer regiments (CER) in their tasks.

The Construction Squadron generally supports bigger scale and longer term projects. It provides the capability to design, manage and execute bridge, road and airfield repair and construction, as well as medium scale construction projects of buildings, potable water supplies , electrical fit outs, as well as sewerage and drainage systems. Construction Squadron sappers have access to a wide range of medium and heavy plant and materials handling equipment. Construction Engineers from 5 ER frequently support Army's full-time engineer regiments in 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th Brigades, as well as 19th Chief Engineer Works in their tasks.

The Littoral and Riverine Survey Squadron surveys and provides geospatial analysis of roads, rivers, estuaries, ports and beaches. Sappers from LRSS frequently support the Royal Australian Navy, 1st Topographic Survey Squadron, and 19th Chief Engineer Works in their tasks.

Sappers in 5 ER are a mixture of Regulars and Reservists, mainly drawn from the ACT and Sydney metropolitan areas, as well as southern and western New South Wales. Reserve sappers in 5 ER come from diverse civilian backgrounds including farmers, tradespeople, surveyors, IT professionals, teachers, office workers, project managers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, marine, environmental and civil engineers. In recent years the Regiment has supported operations all over the world including the Solomon Islands, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Domestically the Regiment has supported many security, humanitarian and disaster relief operations in eastern Australia, including the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP), response to Queensland floods and cyclones, and recently played a big part in the Wagga Wagga floods and the 2013 Western Sydney fires.

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13 December 2016
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