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8th Combat Service Support Battalion

8th Combat Services Support Battalion (8 CSSB) is an Army reserve logistics unit within the 8th Brigade co-located at Timor Barracks Dundas, and Bullecourt Barracks, Adamstown, New South Wales.

The role of the 8th Combat Service Support Battalion is to provide specified individual and collective Combat Service Support capabilities to support sustain and reinforce Army's operations. 

8 CSSB comprises four sub-units, in order to provide it support to its customer units of the 8th Brigade: 
• 8th Brigade Operational Support Company 
• 1st Health Company 
• 16th Transport Squadron 
• 111th Workshop Company 

The members of 8 CSSB are a mixture of full-time and reservist soldiers from all walks of life - we are students, employees, family members and colleagues. We are an inclusive unit which represents the diversity and vitality of the Australian community.

Last updated
13 December 2016
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