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Sydney University Regiment

Sydney University Regiment
Sydney University Regiment (SUR) is responsible for managing and delivering the majority of Australian Army Reserve officer training in conjunction with the Royal Military College of Australia. The Regiment can trace its lineage back to the 17th of November 1900 when the University Volunteer Rifle Corps was raised as a unit of the colonial New South Wales Defence Force.

SUR consists of Regular, Reserve and Australia Public Servant personnel who oversee, deliver and administer the training of Reserve Officers under the direction of the 8th Brigade (Training). The majority of the regiment is located in Sydney at Holsworthy Barracks, Darlington and Parramatta with elements also located in Wollongong, Adamstown and Canberra. There are also opportunities for members to parade in other remote rural locations where required.

SUR conducts regular training, in barracks, on Tuesday nights and on various weekends each month. SUR delivers a variety of officer training blocks which run for two to three weeks duration and prepares officer cadets from across Australia to complete their final training block at the Royal Military College of Australia and graduate as a Lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserve. There are currently five training blocks that make up the Army Reserve Officer Commissioning Course (AROCC) which must be completed by prospective officers which are:

Training Block (TB) 1 - Officer Cadets complete the Army Reserve Recruit course run at the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) located at Kapooka. ARTC provides basic soldier training to all new members of the Australian Army, both regular and reserve. TB1 teaches cadets a range of skills including drill, weapons handling, Army Combatives, military tradition and field skills.

TB 2 - TB2 runs for 16 days and builds on the skills learnt from recruit training to provide officer cadets with the skills, knowledge and attributes required to operate as part of a section. This course teaches section formations, drills and tactics which are then practiced in the field.

TB 3 – This 16 day course trains and tests officer cadets to lead soldiers at the section commander level. Training includes the preparation and delivery of orders, military planning, ethics and tactical theories for combat. Officer cadets then deploy to the field where they are assessed at their first level of leadership.

TB 4 – The focus of this training block is to train officer cadets to lead a platoon and introduces them to command at a platoon level. Officer cadets will undertake more advanced training in military planning and tactics. Platoon formations, drills and procedures will be taught and practiced in the field.

TB 5 – The final culminating training block is run by the Royal Military College of Australian and on successful completion of TB 5 Officer Cadets are commissioned as Lieutenants in the Australian Army Reserve. This course runs for 23 days and will teach officer cadets more advanced military planning and tactics including how to conduct platoon defence and attack. A large proportion of this course is conducted in the field assessing officer cadets as platoon commanders.

SUR has a strong regimental history with large numbers of personnel from the Regiment enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the Second AIF. The Regiment was first established as the University Volunteer Rifle Corps changing to the Sydney University Scouts in 1903 and to Sydney University Regiment in 1927.

In 1929, His Majesty King George V approved SUR's affiliation with the 60th Regiment, The King's Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC) and consequently the regiment's embellishments and badges of rank became black with a red felt backing. These distinctive arrangements continue and are unique in the Australian Army. This alliance is maintained with The Royal Green Jackets of the British Army, the successor regiment to the KRRC.

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2 January 2020
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