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9th Brigade

The 9th Brigade (9 Brigade) is a Reserve formation of the Australian Army. The Brigade is part of the Army’s 2nd Division, Forces Command.

9th Brigade is headquartered at Keswick Barracks in South Australia. The Brigade has elements located in Adelaide and regional South Australia, Hobart and regional Tasmania, Darwin, and Broken Hill, NSW.

The formation is integral to the Army’s combat capabilities as part of its total force. Under Plan Beersheba, 9th Brigade is paired with the 4th Brigade to support the 1st Brigade in accordance with the Force Generation Cycle.

9th Brigade currently consists of the following units:

  • Headquarters 9th Brigade
  • 3rd/9th Light Horse, South Australian Mounted Rifles
  • 144th Signals Squadron, Royal Australian Signals Corps
  • 10th/27th Battalion, The Royal South Australia Regiment, which commands:
    • 3rd Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers
    • 6/13 Light Battery, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery:
      • 16 Light Troop (Tasmania)
      • 48 Light Troop, (South Australia)
  • 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment
  • Adelaide Universities Regiment
  • 9th Combat Service Support Battalion

In 2016, 9th Brigade marks its centenary. It was formed in 1916 as part of the Australian Imperial Force, and consisted of four infantry battalions: the 33rd, 34th, 35th and 36th Battalions. It was attached to the 3rd Division during World War I.

The Battle of Messines in 1917 was the Brigade’s first major battle. After World War I, the Brigade was disbanded, before being re-raised in 1921 as part of the Citizens Military Force (CMF). During World War II, it was attached to the 2nd Infantry Division in NSW.

In 1988, 9th Brigade was re-raised under Land Command, and moved to 2nd Division in 1994.

Recently, 9th Brigade members have deployed on operations including Timor-Leste, the Solomon Islands, Afghanistan and Australia’s territorial waters to assist with border control. 

The motto of 9th Brigade is: 'Non nobis sed patriae', which is Latin for 'Not for self but for country'.


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5 December 2016
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