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3rd Combat Service Support Battalion

The 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion (3 CSSB) is a unit of the 3rd Brigade. The battalion provides transport, supply, and maintenance support to its sister units within the 3rd Brigade.

3 CSSB is based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, Queensland. It has a proud history stretching back to logistic units established in 1916 during the First World War. The motto of 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion is Fight Support Enable, reflecting our role to enable combat operations, our support of the units in 3 Brigade, and the fighting skills we require to conduct our role on operations with our Brigade.

3 CSSB is a large unit of around 550 officers and soldiers from 6 Corps and 19 different trades. All of these trades work together to provide support to the Brigade through provision of diesel fuel in large quantity, ammunition, stores, distribution, and maintenance of every type of equipment held in the Brigade.

The current structure of 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion is:

  • Battalion Headquarters
  • 102 Field Workshops Company
  • 3rd Field Supply Company
  • 9th Transport Squadron

In the garrison environment 3 CSSB provides daily supply, maintenance and distribution support to 3 Brigade. The unit conducts many training courses to increase the skills of its soldiers in driving large military vehicles and forklifts, operating tactical radio and information networks, learning how to fix different equipment types and managing different types of ammunition. We conduct physical fitness training every morning, play sport on Thursday afternoons against the Brigade units, and run several social functions annually including our partners and families.

In the field environment 3 CSSB practices its tactical field skills with camouflage, weapons, and continues to provide the daily supply, maintenance and distribution support to 3 Brigade. We are soldiers first, and our field training prepares us for operational deployments overseas as required. These operations can be in complex warfighting environments, in peacekeeping with the United Nations, or in responding to a natural disaster like the Boxing Day Tsunami.

3 CSSB always has officers and soldiers deployed on operations around the globe – currently we have personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq, Dubai, the Philippines, Malaysia, and South Sudan.  We have an enduring partnership with the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, and conduct regular personnel exchanges and training courses with our sister logistics Battalion. We support many military exercises, and in 2019 have deployed personnel to Hawaii, the USA, and South Korea.

The Battalion completes a wide variety of tasks and events. In early 2019 the whole Battalion was recalled to support the Townsville community during the floods – sandbagging, evacuating, and housing our own families and our community inundated by the unprecedented rains. We are always ready to provide this support.

Last updated
17 July 2019
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