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3rd Combat Signal Regiment

The 3rd Combat Signal Regiment provides high readiness communication capabilities to 3rd Brigade, and specified operations, in order to enable the conduct of full spectrum complex war fighting operations.

The 3rd Combat Signal Regiment (3 CSR) provides Command and Control (C2) networks and C2 support (unit-level combat service support) to the Headquarters 3rd Brigade in order to enable the C2 of forces assigned to the Commander 3rd Brigade (Comd 3 Bde). 3 CSR is based at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville. 

Structurally, 3 CSR comprises three squadrons: two Signal Squadrons (102 and 103 Signal Squadron) and an Operational Support Squadron, in addition to the Regimental Headquarters. In order to effectively support Army’s only rapidly deployable multi-role light brigade, C2 is effected through the use of wide band satellite, phone services through the Public Switched Telephone Network connected to the Defence Voice Network, Video Teleconferencing, Deployable Defence Restricted and Secret Networks, and Line Of Sight and Beyond Line Of Sight Combat Net Radio (CNR). Furthermore, 3 CSR provides the Comd 3 Bde with a rapidly deployable narrow band service, allowing for access to strategic services on a smaller scale when manoeuvring around the battle field. 

The Regiment also facilitates C2 of the Ready Battle Group by providing CNR and Strategic detachments. These detachments give the Comd 3 Bde the ability to interact with his subordinate units, using narrow band satellite and digital radio bearers to provide voice and data communications. 

The Regiment’s direct lineage traces back to 103 Signal Squadron, who deployed to South Vietnam in 1966. Subsequently it deployed to Fiji, Somalia, Rwanda, Bougainville, Irian Jaya, and finally East Timor. Since its raising in 2003, 3 CSR has been continually engaged in various operations in East Timor/Timor-Leste, the Solomon Islands, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf States and Egypt. In addition to operational commitments, 3 CSR also provides a robust communications element to the 3 Bde Defence Aid to the Civil Community force that is on-call during Queensland’s cyclone season.

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14 December 2016
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