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20th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery

The 20th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (20th Regt, RAA) is an Australian Army unit which was raised in October 2005.

20th Regt, RAA is based at Gallipoli Barracks in Enoggera, Queensland. It is part of the 6th Brigade.
The Regiment is responsible for providing surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance support to land, joint and/or interagency operations. Target Acquisition units detect and identify the location of a target in sufficient detail to permit the effective employment of joint fires and effects (lethal and non-lethal).
The current structure of 20 STA Regt, RAA is: 
•    Regimental Headquarters/Operations Support Battery
•    131st Battery 
•    132nd Battery 
•    Combat Service Support Battery 
The Regiment forms a significant element of the entire Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) collection capability. The balanced sensor mix and the multiple ranges (close, medium and long/deep range) of Surveillance and Target acquisition (STA) assets enable the unit to support many of the supported formations information needs.
The unit provides the necessary command nodes as well as communication systems and logistics capability to support planning and management of the STA assets. Additionally, staff support from the unit is provided to support the ISTAR planning process, battlespace de-confliction and ISTAR collection management and execution.

The Regiment has seen service in East Timor, Solomon Islands, Iraq, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and South East Asia operating a variety of Surveillance and Target Acquisition equipment (primarily Unmanned Aerial Systems).
The motto of 20th Regt, RAA is 'Seek to Strike'.



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20 January 2020
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