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6th Engineer Support Regiment

6th Engineer Support Regiment (6 ESR) is a regular unit of the Royal Australian Engineers.

6th Engineer Support Regiment (6 ESR) is a regular unit of the Royal Australian Engineers.

With an establishment of more than 400 soldiers of 29 different trades, the 6th Engineer Support Regiment is the largest Royal Australian Engineer Regiment. The Regiment comprises of the 17th Construction Squadron (17 Const Sqn), the 21st Construction Squadron (21 Const Sqn), 20th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron (20 EOD Sqn) and an Operations Support Squadron (6 ESR OSS). The two construction Sqns provide vertical construction, horizontal construction and resource acquisition. 20 EOD Sqn provides the explosive ordnance disposal capability to Army, primarily in support of the Combat Brigades. OSS has the function of providing logistic support to all other sub-units and the Regiment Headquarters.

The Regiment was established on 21 November 2012 to command three previously independent sub-units, namely 1 Topo Svy Sqn, 17 Const Sqn, 21 Const Sqn, and the Army Explosive Hazards Centre (ExHC) now 20 EOD. 1 Topo Svy Sqn has since been reassigned to the 1st Intelligence Battalion and the 6 ESR OSS was formed to consolidate the logistic support of 6 ESR, keeping a total of four sub-units.

6 ESR's operational history includes Operation Slipper in Afghanistan (Reconstruction Task Force 4 in 2008 and the Force Extraction Unit in 2013), Operation Render Safe in Bougainville in 2014, and numerous individual deployments to most theatres. 6 ESR also leads Army's commitment to the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program (AACAP) each year, which delivers health, training and construction effects to remote Aboriginal communities.

The motto of 6th Engineer Support Regiment is ‘With Strength and Precision'

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14 December 2016
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