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7th Signal Regiment

7th Signal Regiment (7SR) Electronic Warfare is an Army unit consisting of technical and intelligence trades; it belongs to the Royal Australian Corps of Signals but includes Australian Army Intelligence Corps and Combat Service Support Corps. It is part of the 6th Combat Support Brigade.

7SR provides Land Electronic Warfare and signals intelligence support to the ADF in times of peace, crisis, and conflict on any operation anywhere in the world. 7SR does this by intercepting, analysing and effecting foreign systems that communicate over the electromagnetic spectrum.

Members of 7SR maintain their education in languages and emerging technologies to operate an ever evolving range of complex electronic equipment in the tactical environment. This can either be from a building inside a protected base, in the back of an armoured vehicle or on foot alongside combat elements.

7SR has a long history of providing Electronic Warfare support to Australia since its inception at Borneo Barracks, Cabarlah in 1948. The unit has gone through many changes since World War Two, from the Australian Special Wireless group, 101 Wireless Regiment and in 1963 the unit became the 7th Signals Regiment. 

In recent years, 7SR has had elements serve on active duty throughout the world in all operational theatres.

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14 December 2016
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