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Land Warfare Centre

The mission of the Land Warfare Centre is to provide post ab initio components of the All Corps Officer Training Continuum and All Corps Soldier Training Continuum to selected individuals in order to support the generation of Army's foundation war fighting capability.

The Land Warfare Centre is a subordinate training establishment of the Royal Military College of  Australia. The Land Warfare Centre consists of a Headquarters, Officer Training Wing, Warrant Officer and Non Commissioned Officer Academy, and Education Wing. The majority of the command elements of the Land Warfare Centre and two of its subordinate units are principally located at Kokoda Barracks, Canungra, and the remainder of the unit is collocated with major army concentrations in Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Land Warfare Centre provides training to over 3000 Army members annually. For soldiers, this includes the Junior Leaders Course, followed by Subject One Sergeant and Subject One Warrant Officer courses, and culminates in the Regimental Sergeant Major course. Officer training includes the All Corps Captains and Major courses, the Advanced Operations Course and the Pre-Command Course. Additionally, Education Wing provides Training Systems courses and the Royal Australian Army Education Corps training continuum of courses.

The Land Warfare Centre can trace its history in one guise or another back to 1942 and the raising of the Land Headquarters Training Centre (Jungle Warfare) at Canungra. The emblem of Land Warfare Centre is the Hydra. The significance of the Hydra is that often when you attempt to solve problems in land warfare, you create other problems. Great strength and ingenuity are needed if the solution is to be definitive and lasting.

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14 December 2016
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