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1st Commando Regiment

1st Commando Regiment
The 1st Commando Regiment is a Special Forces Group unit within the Australian Army's Special Operations Command.

The 1st Commando Regiment (1 Cdo Regt) holds a unique place within Special Operations Command: it is the oldest unit providing an unbroken passage of experience from Australia's World War II commandos through to today's special forces and largely comprises Army Reserve (part-time) personnel.

The 1st Commando Regiment contains some of the most skilled, dedicated and combat experienced soldiers within Army. As a result, 1st Commando Regiment is a vital part of Special Operations Command and its personnel continue to conduct special operations and training tasks in Iraq, Afghanistan and various countries within South-East Asia.

Learn more about becoming a 1st Commando Regiment (Army Reserve) commando and step up to the ultimate Army combat role in a part-time capacity, where you will apply your formidable mental and physical assets to demanding exercises and special operations.


Raised in 1955, 1st Commando Regiment has grown from two independent commando companies, based in Sydney and Melbourne. A commando signal squadron was later added and, finally in 1981, a regimental headquarters. Over the past 20 years, 1st Commando Regiment personnel deployed to Afghanistan, Bougainville, Iraq, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste (East Timor). 

The sherwood-green beret is 1st Commando Regiment's primary head-dress and formally recognises the individual achievement of gaining the Army's commando qualification. The sherwood-green beret reflects 1 Cdo Regt's close association with the British Army and marine commandos of World War II. The regiment maintains a lineage to the 1st Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, and the 1st Battalion, The Royal New South Wales Regiment (Commando), through the regiment flag and colours of black on sherwood green.

The 1st Commando Regiment is known as the City of Sydney’s own regiment.

The 1st Commando Regiment badge features a silver World War II-era Australian fighting knife and a gold boomerang engraved with the regimental motto of ‘Strike Swiftly’.

Unit badge

Unit colour patch

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18 November 2019
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