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1st Commando Regiment

1st Commando Regiment
The role of the 1st Commando Regiment is to maintain and sustain collective and individual special forces, specialist personnel and special operations capabilities to conduct, command, support and reinforce Special Operations.

The 1st Commando Regiment is unique within Army. As the oldest unit within the Australian Army’s Special Operations Command, the regiment has provided unbroken service from the commandos of world war two through to the modern Australian special operations community of today. The 1st Commando Regiment contains some of the most skilled, dedicated and combat experienced soldiers within the Australian Army. 

Over the past decade, combat operations and the evolution of the commando role has changed the character of the 1st Commando Regiment. The regiment consists of highly skilled, well equipped and motivated soldiers, who maintain high levels of preparedness to provide collective and individual special operations capabilities. As a result, the regiment is being increasingly relied upon to augment and supplement the efforts of regular Army special forces counterparts on both operations and in training. 

The regiment is an integrated unit comprising a high number of full-time and part-time soldiers, all of whom are required to meet the same rigorous standards of a regular commando. The primary role of the regiment is to provide a scalable and deployable mission command headquarters to Special Operations Command. In addition, the regiment is manned, trained and equipped to provide commando force elements up to a company size, as well as providing high quality, competent individual commandos to round out, reinforce and rotate with other Special Operations Command capabilities. 

Raised in 1955, the regiment has grown from two independent commando companies in Sydney and Melbourne, to a commando signals squadron, and finally, a regimental headquarters in 1981. In recent years, the regiment has frequently deployed on operations, providing small detachments and individuals to Bougainville, Timor Leste, the Solomon Islands and Iraq, and up to company sized combat elements to Afghanistan. 

The sherwood green beret is the primary head dress and formally recognises the individual achievement of a commando qualification. The sherwood green beret reflects the regiment’s close association with the British Army and marine commandos of world war two. The regiment maintains a lineage to the 1st Battalion Australian Imperial Force and the 1st Battalion, The Royal New South Wales Regiment (Commando) through the regiment flag and colours of black on sherwood green. The 1st Commando Regiment is known as the “City of Sydney’s own Regiment” 

The regimental badge features a silver world war two era Australian fighting knife surmounted by a gold boomerang and engraved with the regimental motto ‘Strike Swiftly’.

Unit badge

Unit colour patch

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14 December 2016
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