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Special Forces Training Centre

Special Forces Training Centre
Special Forces Training Centre's (SFTC) role is to conduct individual Special Forces (SF) recruitment, selection, training and education to meet force generation, trade and professional development requirements for Special Operations Command (SOCOMD).

SFTC conducts individual training by managing in excess of thirty five courses throughout a calendar year for SOCOMD and in support of wider Australian Defence Force units. Students are trained in the core skill sets required to perform specialised tasks as an SF operator or as SF Support Staff. SFTC courses vary in duration from a week to eight weeks in duration, with course content often intensive and critical to the operational capability of SOCOMD.

As part of the selection process, trainees are assessed on their cognitive ability to assimilate information (trainability), physical and mental resolve, ability to operate within a small dynamic team as well as an ability to consistently demonstrate sound levels of judgement, adaptability and self discipline during complex tasks.

All SFTC instructors are individually selected on their SF experience, supervisor qualifications and are provided additional development training to ensure that the units training methodology reflects that of a contemporary, agile and reality based organisation.

Since inception in 1997, SFTC's has enabled the force generation of today's highly successful operators of SOCOMD.

SFTC is central to ensure that Australia's Special Operations Forces are fit for the future.

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14 December 2016
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