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Special Operations Engineer Regiment

Special Operations Engineer Regiment
Special Operations Engineer Regiment is a highly capable Special Operations Command unit.

Special Operations Engineer Regiment (SOER) provides leading-edge mobility, survivability and specialist counter-CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive) capabilities in support of Special Operations.This is achieved through agile and highly trained combat engineer teams.

SOER can operate throughout a range of contingencies, both domestically and on operations overseas. The unit is an integral part of the SOCOMD contribution to defending Australia's national interests and the whole-of-government counter-terrorism response.

In addition to Royal Australian Engineers corps soldiers, SOER also has Army personnel from a range of other corps, including intelligence, signals, medical, nursing, ordnance, transport, and electrical and mechanical engineers. SOER also employs specialist civilian staff to ensure that the unit is always operating at the cutting edge of counter-CBRNE technology.

The Special Operations Engineer Regiment motto is 'Inter Hastas et Hostes', which is Latin for 'Between spears and enemies'. This signifies the traditional sapper role and enduring unit requirement to operate in the dangerous space between enemy threat forces and own troops in order to ensure mission success.

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14 December 2016
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