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Special Operations Logistics Squadron

Special Operations Logistics Squadron
The Special Operations Logistic Squadron is a Special Forces Group unit within the Australian Army's Special Operations Command.

The Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) logisticians provide diverse logistic support to Special Forces Group units domestically and in all theatres of operations around the world.

SOLS is the only independent logistic squadron within Special Operations Command and the only independent logistic squadron within the Australian Army.

Logisticians within SOLS must be able to conduct their role in arduous conditions, remote locations, and in isolated and hostile settings. Although a relatively new organisation, SOLS is proud of its short history, has high-calibre people and is continually striving to provide the most effective and innovative logistic support to its dependent units.


SOLS was originally established as the Special Operations Combat Service Support Company (SOCSSC) in July 2003, as part of the newly created Special Operations Command to provide second and selected third-line support specifically to Australian special operations units. SOCSSC was re-named as the Special Operations Logistic Squadron in 2007. 

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19 November 2019
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