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Special Operations Logistics Squadron

Special Operations Logistics Squadron
The Special Operations Logistic Squadron (SOLS) provides close and general logistic support to all units within Special Operations Command Australia (SOCOMD).

Special Operations Logistics Squadron (SOLS) was originally established as the Special Operations Combat Service Support Company (SOCSSC) in July 2003, as part of the newly created SOCOMD, to provide second and selected third line support to Australian Special Operations Units. The unit was re-named as the Special Operations Logistic Squadron in 2007. 

SOLS is a Squadron sized element of Logisticians, responsible for providing diverse logistic support to SOCOMD in all theatres of operations, around the world. SOLS is the only independent logistic Squadron within SOCOMD and the only independent logistic Squadron within the Australian Army. Logisticians within SOLS must be able to conduct their role in arduous conditions, remote locations, and in isolated and hostile settings. This requires the members to have a maturity greater than that of a soldier in wider Army and to have a tolerance of ambiguity not expected within the regular soldier.

SOLS Logisticians are also required to maintain a skill set wider than that normally expected of those found within the wider Australian Army. Due to the Squadron’s small size, each individual needs to be capable of filling any position within their support team. As such, the Squadron is responsible for training its people in all aspects of Logistics support in order to ensure it can maintain its support to SOCOMD. SOLS members also are required to understand the responsibilities of each of their peers so that they can assume their role, to a certain degree, if required. 

SOLS aims to employ volunteers who are selected for their trade competency and their ability to encapsulate a culture that supports exceptional performance. 

Although a relatively new organisation, SOLS is proud of its short history; has high calibre people and is continually striving to provide the most effective and innovative logistic support to its dependent units.

Last updated
14 December 2016
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