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Special Operations Training and Education Centre (SOTEC)

Special Operations Training and Education Centre's (SOTEC) will generate a modernised framework for quality, whole-of-command and individual learning in areas unique to SOCOMD that assures professional standards and cultivates relationships amongst SO professionals.

The Special Operations Training and Education Centre (SOTEC) will generate world class and trusted personnel to constitute high performance teams as a component of a National Mission Force.

The SOTEC will deliver pan-command individual special operations training and education to enable personnel to integrate across the operational continuum for the conduct of special operations.

The SOTEC will be founded on four pillars of excellence. These are:

  • Martial and force projection skills.
  • Political/strategic/foreign relations acumen.
  • Military and operational excellence.
  • Ethical, cultural, social and emotional intelligence acumen.

SOTEC is critical in ensuring that Australia's Special Operations Forces remain at the “cutting edge”


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Last updated
5 September 2017
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