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Australia's Army

Army soldier helping emergency services
Since 1901, the Australian Army has served our nation at home and abroad, promoting and protecting Australia’s interests, deterring and defeating threats, and helping Australians and others in times of need.

Our essential mission is to fight and win the joint land battle, however, much more is expected of us.

The size of Australia’s population means our Army will be small compared to the armies of many other countries.

Our Army’s strength therefore comes from our values, training, flexible organisation and advanced equipment.

Our Army is stronger working with the Australian Navy and Air Force, and we are stronger still working with other government agencies, allies, coalition partners and non-government organisations.

We provide the Australian Government with the broadest range of military options to deliver humanitarian assistance and disaster relief; conduct peacekeeping and stabilisation; deter aggression; and defend our nation and its interests – where and when necessary.

Although the threats will change, our Army will always have a vital, but not exclusive, role in providing security and stability, because people live on land.

The Australian Army of the future must be equipped, trained and structured to defeat threats that arise with little or no warning; in crowded, connected and challenging environments in which adversaries have access to more lethal weapons than ever before.

Building our future Army requires that we respect our heritage, we place people at the centre of all our endeavours, we develop superior knowledge, skills and technology through continuous innovation, we are ready for operations – this is our number one priority and we are ready for our future.

Last updated
20 December 2016
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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